Thursday, February 27, 2014

Elevation Polish Swatch Spam

These are some Elevation Polish swatches, most of which are colors I got at the second to last restock.

 I got an amazing dark purple called Tronador! It is one of my favorite shades of purple. It has a hidden shimmer that  matches the first color I decided to pair it with.

This was my anti Valentines Day mani, and I used Jindie Nails Dead Roses. I was lucky enough to find this color on Pinterest, since the Llarowe February A Box, Indied  was sold out.
Without flash
I had 2 coats of Dead Roses on so I could add some more circle glitter. I had one coat of Tronador on the middle and ring finger, but you could still see some VNL (Visible Nail Line).. If you have shorter nails you probably only need one coat since this is such a dark color.

With Flash
I added another coat of Tronador to get rid of the nail line. In this picture, I think you can see some of the different colored shimmer and tiny flakes in the polish.

This is the first time I got an SBP (Small Batch Prototype) at a restock. It is called Salcantay and it had my favorite colors, blue, green and purple in it. It is in a clear base. I had a hard time deciding what colors to use it over, but after I tried it over Tronador (middle finger) I decided to also try it over Forest of the Fog (pointer finger) , which is a very pretty dark teal jelly polish on its own. My other nails are Muztagh Ata, which is a gorgeous lighter teal holo. It is 2 coats with HK Girl Topcoat.
Without flash:
With flash:
Which color do you think Salcantay looks best over?
This color seriously made me so happy! I had been in such a funk but the glitter mix is my favorite colors and it cheered me up to look at it.

You can buy Elevation Polish at 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Nail Art Challenge: Represent Your Country's Flag

I was invited to a nail art challenge by File Fantasi Nails to represent my country's flag.
The rules are to choose a symbol that represents your country, and nominate 5 other bloggers.
The 5 others I choose are:
1. Things About
2. Penny Penching Polish
3. Almost Famous Nails
4. Dreadfully Divine
5. Precious Pearl Makeup

 At first, I was stumped. I didn't just want to do the same thing that I did for my 4th of July mani last year:

So the base colors I used were: Balt out of the Blue by Lilypad Lacquer, Colors by Llarowe Angels Sing, and Rebel at Heart by Lilypad Lacquer.

It is hard for me to find reds that go well with my skin tone, but this one does.
Then I did stripes with the colors. I used 'Murica by Aly's Dream Polish on my blue and white nails to represent the stars in the flag. This color is one of the ones that made me want to order from Aly's when I first saw it because I found the name so funny.
I think it looks the best over the white because of how the glitter mix blends in.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Purple Manis for World Cancer Day

Yesterday, February 4th, was World Cancer Day.

Several of us wore purple nail polish for the day.I wore 3 different purples made by Carpe Noctem Cosmetics- Calypso, which is one of her newest releases, Pimp my Purple, and Man in White, the very first color I ever got from Emily.

Calypso is a really nice lavender holo. I like the green shimmer in it that my pinky picks up.
There is a lot more holo in Pimp my Purple, but the lighting in my apartment does not do it justice. Yesterday was the start of yet another snowpocalypse though- we got 10 inches of snow yesterday- over an inch per hour plus sleet and I was lucky to just be able to get groceries and make it home! There has been a lot of haze and fog, so I apologize for these pictures not being very holo-y.

But look at Man in White. It speaks for itself. It's electric. . . it has blue in it. . . it looks amazing on my skin tone, this color GIVES ME LIFE! This color is what made me say "Holy Purple!" and rush to order from Emily. Unfortunately,that specific pigment is no longer available, but it was recreated as Pro Amico if you want to order some of  your own.

February is also Heart Awareness Month, so I decided to accent my ring fingernail with "We Found Love" by Lumina Lacquer. Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of family members to strokes and heart disease.

If you want to check out Carpe Noctem Cosmetics, her shop is located here.
Lumina Lacquer is located here.

Below are everyone's lovely contributions to the World Cancer Day manicures!