Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mango Tango, Lilypad Orange with Rainbow Accent

I am really excited to be doing this post as part of the Orange Link-Up for Proud Beauty Bloggers of Color!

I usually don't wear orange anything. I have yellow undertones, and I'm always afraid of orange clashing with my skintone.

But this idea also ended up being sentimental for me. My uncle passed away last year, and his favorite color was orange. I remembered finding a new pair of Orange Nikes in his apartment, and so I feel like in a way the makeup and nail polish I am using in this post is a way to honor him, especially since this is a color that I would not ordinarily wear. I hope that somehow he can see this and know that I am thinking of him.

First of all, I would like to show a lip color by Mary Kay. It is called Mango Tango, and I was surprised at how flattering it turned out on me. This was given to me to review by Influenster.

Next, I have a manicure to show you.
I mainly used Orange by Lilypad Lacquer, which is a very bright neon color. Then I topped it with a holo topcoat by Starlight Polish.

For my accent nail,  I used Lemon by Lilypad Lacquer as a base. Then I did freehand stripes as a base with several other colors:
From top to bottom (one brand I will abbreviate as PBP for the purposes of this post):
The red color is Daquiri, the blue is called Ocean Rave, and the purple is called Jungle Juice. Daquiri and Jungle Juice glow in UV Light.
The orange, yellow and green are all Lilypads (Orange, Lemon, and Lime.)

P.S: I found a picture close to the shoes I remember finding. Do you think this shade of nail polish is similar?

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Ruby White Tips- Man Eater with Zoya Posh

This post is a bit overdue.

I was so excited that Hall & Oates were inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! I did a mani with Ruby White Tips Maneater and Zoya Posh.

Maneater looks like a jelly polish, but it has a lot more depth and opacity. It is a truly beautiful polish. It seems to have a bluish/purple undertone. It's hard for me to find shades of red that look good on my skin tone, but this one truly does. I love the different multcolored glittery flecks in this polish as well.

I think I should have used another coat because on my ring finger, I ended up with a bald spot.

I paired it with Zoya Posh because it's also dark red, but Posh has a more pink undertone. Since it's matte, it was a little harder to work with.

I used the Pretty & Polished Matte is Back topcoat to try to smooth it out a little bit.

I had to get a bottle shot because I love how Laura (the Ruby White Tips creator) decorates these lids!

You can find her polish at

Of course, I have to close this post with Maneater. I love this song. Sometimes I sing it at karaoke.