Monday, July 29, 2013

Magical Mystery Tour with Hyperion, Freeze Machine & Future Reflections

I'm a little sad, so my nails are blue. Yesterday there was a surprise sale of a color called *69 on Enchanted's page and it is SO ME. Of course I wasn't able to get one before it sold out. It isn't the prettiest color ever, but it has stars and blue glitter! and I think it would look really cute on the other new color, July 2013- even though the glitter might blend in- which is something that sometimes I do.

Seriously, wouldn't those be cute together?

Anyway, speaking of glitter blending in-  ( and this is actually on my right hand, which I don't show much since my ring finger likes to shake and I have to do hand gymnastics to actually make it look right in a picture. But my poor little nubs are more even on this hand.)

I have on Revlon Royal as undies (except on my ring finger) with Enchanted Magical Mystery Tour. My middle finger has Freeze Machine on it- (the bottle I'm holding)- omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE Freeze Machine, and it took me at least 5 tries at restocks to get it.

However, my bathroom light ate the glitter! My camera with flash just couldn't handle the awesomeness.

Also did you see my ring finger? There's another glitter, from a new to me indie maker- Carpe Noctem Cosmetics! I fell in love after seeing a review of Man in White, this beautiful purple color. Also, I asked Emily (the owner) for a couple of custom polishes because I could tell by looking at her shop that she has a really great eye for color. She is sooooo nice.

I am wearing Hyperion over Future Reflections by Enchanted.

This is without flash (also, if you're not familiar with duochromes or this particular color, do you see how the green now looks purple? I love that!)

I even did the "Close-up" feature on my phone camera.. This glitter must be seen in all its glory. IT MUST.
I actually think this glitter is so cool that this polish has been in my purse almost every day since I got it- you know,  in case I had a glittermergency and needed to touch up my nails or something? 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Star Candy with Indigo Flow and a Theory of Everything

This is one of the last pictures I took before I had to cut my nails!

Mei Mei's Signatures is sharing a lot of pictures of her exclusive color from Glam Polish,Star Candy. (isn't that the cutest name?)

So I finally got the nerve to share this picture with her. I just didn't take note of all the other colors I used because my nails were on their last legs and this is really the only picture I got where they looked halfway decent.

For me, it took 2 coats to actually get some stars on my nails, and a little dabbing. I actually had to reapply the stars because some fell off, but I was silly and didn't do any topcoat after I dabbed them onto my middle finger the first time. So I definitely got more Candy than Stars, and my nails kinda looked like a neon disco ball at first. But they were still cute.

I did do a holo gradient on my middle finger and I remember tht the top color is Layla Emerald Divine. The color on my ring finger is Emily de Molly Blueprint, which has been a lemming of mine FOREVER. When I finally got that color I actually said out loud "MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!" I was so happy. (The glitter on top is Coco Allure a Theory of Everything.) It really is a Theory of Everything, so I used it sparingly, and I'm not known to do that!

I think the color on my thumb, index finger, and pinky is Emily de Molly Indigo Flow. I absolutely LOVE Emily de Molly holos so when I saw that Mei Mei had them in stock, I was so happy.

I'm really mad at myself for not getting Chasing Rainbows now, especially since I saw someone on Facebook post a picture of it in a necklace and it was in stock on another site just 3 days ago!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whimsy, Ciao Milano, & Oceanic Forces

So now not only did my middle fingernail become a nub, my ring fingernail did too! I might just cut them all to balance everything out.

I do have a few swatches that I didn't post yet.

Here is one featuring one of my absolute favorite shades of blue, Whimsy by Picture Polish. I actually got a lot of compliments on my mani that day.

I have a few colors by Picture Polish and they are easy to apply. They are color-accurate as far as bottles and swatches, so if you get one you won't be disappointed. The only thing I was ever "meh" about was Revolution (the glitter peel-off basecoat) but that's for another review. :) If anyone else has tried it, let me know what you thought of it!

Index and pinky- Whimsy (the index finger also has a holo topcoat by Pixie Polish- unfortunately right now she had to close her etsy store) Middle finger has Enchanted Ciao Milano, and the ring finger has Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces! I was so happy when I finally got Oceanic Forces! It took me at least 3 or 4 tries to finally get it.

I took this picture outside. Maybe I should have used some more Glitter Food on my ring fingr? LOL

Inside with flash (makes it hard to read the bottle, huh?)

no flash, naturally blurry
For some reason the living in my lighting room is really great at picking up holos!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint Mani for Talia

My middle fingernail has broken beyond repair. it actually happened a few days ago when I was at a gas station trying to balance some drinks, I dropped a small bottle of Simply Lemonade and the cap came off too! When I tried to pick it up, my nail went *CRACK*

So I tried to trim my ring fingernail down to make it look a little more normal.. and my middle fingernail popped down so low that isn't even my real nail at the moment.

But without further adieu, this is my mint mani for Talia!

From thumb to pinky:

My ten friends Birthday earthlings (over Bondi Lady Liberty), Layla Holographic Emerald Divine (over Sally Hansen Petrol,Lady  Liberty with Nail Nation 3000 Holographic top coat, Birthday earthlings (over Petrol), and Lady iberty with Nail Nation 3000 Holo-gasm.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mint manis for Talia Joy

You might have heard about the "Mint manis for Talia Joy." Talia was a beautiful 13 year old girl, who was very talented at doing makeup and nail polish. She had her own youtube channel and even appeared on Ellen DeGeneres. Her very last Instagram picture was a pretty mint manicure. The info is on If you do this, also please post #TaliasLegacy along with it. I will be doing a mint mani tomorrow!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

a Holo-Gasm with an Ice Castle and Lucky Stars

This was sort of a nail experiment. I finally got Enchanted Ice Castle (remember my Castle on a Cloud mishap?) Ice Castle IS actually blue and purple, like I wanted. (This is over black)

I also got Darling Diva lucky star- because I love anything with stars and this is also supposed to glow in the dark, and in blacklight. However, I didn't realize that Darling Diva is not as sheer as I thought it was- so what I did on my middle finger over a blue and purple  is definitely a don't- but I was going to a bar that had a blacklight that night and I left this as is.

On my ring finger I used some Jade and Ozotic beam polishes over blak to make a rainbow- but do you know what made everything so wonderful and shiny?

Nail Nation 3000 Silver hologasm. Maria means it when she says hologasm. Look at this. This picture is not edited (except for my watermark)- I was just outside and the sun ACTUALLY MADE MY NAIL SPARKLE LIKE THAT.

I will have to take a picture of it in normal indoor lighting sometime, because the silver sparkles make it look like you literally have jewelry shining on your nails.

I also used Sephora UV topcoat- because even after I tried activating my polish with my blacklight, it did not glow in the dark. I don't know if I got a bad bottle or what. Can anyone please tell me? I have seen other people with swatches of this polish glowing in the dark.

 I still love the stars, but check out how awesome this holo looks in the blacklight! It looks like foil flames!

This one was done with the "Night" setting in photobucket. It shows more of the colors where the Darling Diva stars are. But it also shows a bunch of lines/staticky crap from my phone, which I apologize for.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cirque XX- The best glitter of all time!!!

I recently got a polish that was so amazing that I think I might never buy a rainbow glitter polish again.

It looks so awesome that I feel like nothing can compete with it. As soon as the brush touched the tip of (not) my nail. , I was like:

If you're wondering why I said (not) my nail, on my right hand, my thumb, index and middle fingernails  keep breaking, They keep cracking and peeling and they got so short that  it was actually painful, so I broke down and put on some fake ones so I didn't look like my hands belonged to 2 different people

I drove myself crazy trying to get pictures that showed how sparkly and beautiful that this color is. No pictures do it justice. but just look at it.

I put this over Revlon Royal, and the base of the nail has some Enchanted Djinn in a bottle but the awesomeness of the holo is being overshadowed.
If you are curious about my pinky, that color is A England Rose Bower, also with Djinn on it.

This was part of my 4th of July mani, so my pinky has some chipping and tip wear. Sorry! The picture from this angle is 2 days old.. but as I said I really could NOT find a way to show how awesome this color is unless you see it in person.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Enchanted Castle on a Cloud

This is an OOPS! post.

Have you ever had a hard time telling 2 colors apart, even when you see swatches? That is what happened to me with Enchanted Ice Castle and Castle on a Cloud. For some reason,on my laptop monitor, they both looked like they had some blue/purple in them. I knew Castle on a Cloud had some pink in it but I didn't think it would look really pale on me.

I swatched it- in a gradient over Kids, and on my thumb over black, but it doesn't seem to look the same on me as it does on other people.

So this actually resulted in my first swap! In a few days I should have my first Aly's Dream Polish- a nice seafoam green color, which is a much more "me" color.

(this just picked up all the tons of holo because my bathroom light is very glarey- still a cool picture)
I think this one is much more color accurate: (the lines are from me putting the Castle on a Cloud between Kids and some glitter, but it just blends right in)

So what do you think? Do any of you have Castle on a Cloud? Does it look like this on you? Does it look similar to other swatches you've seen, or is my monitor just really messed up?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bellskandi Plumberry & a ring!

Well I finally have another mouse, although it isn't pretty and purple like my other one.

I always tend to get overexcited about trends and want to BUY ALL THE COLORS (well, all the shades of blue, green, and purple.)

I love thermal polish and I wasn't able to get the Dance Legend thermo glitter that went from white to black and had silver glitter- but I did come across a review of Bellskandi Plumberry, which was described as going from blue to purple- and she also makes matching jewelry!

Well, I was just experimenting with different polishes and I was really excited that the ring really does change color. So does the polish. It is sheer though, so if you have any cracks or imperfections in your nails they will show. I had a big crack in my Infamous Wonky Nail that shows in my 2nd picture- but you can also see how the thermal polish created a gradient effect.

Ok- pinky-thumb
I had various purples and some stars from the Born Pretty store (part of a contest entry you will see later)- ring is Enchanted Kids, middle finger is Picture Polish Violet Femme with the Bellskandi Plumberry on top and some Ninja Polish nebula on the tip and my index finger has Plumberry over January Morning by Girly Bits.

Blue tint when cold
Purple Tint when warm
(my thumb also has some leftover glitter I tried on)- I think it's Darling Diva Blue on Black. I just dabbed a little on, because my boyfriend said that it looked like cookies and cream in the bottle and I was trying to show him that the glitter was actually blue!