Friday, January 24, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Moonless Night with Penelope Luz Mistica

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Anyway, today I wanted to share a pretty dark blue mani I did.

On my pinky and pointer fingers are Moonless Night by Liquid Sky Lacquer. I put it over black because it is described as slightly shifting to purple and green, but as others have said, this shows up in the bottle an not on the nail. However, there is a lovely silver shimmer that is more evident from certain angles.

On my middle and ring fingers, I used Sephora X orbit, a dark blue/silver glitter, which is very textured on its own.
Then I layered Penelope Luz Mistica over it to create a night sky effect. The stars  are very shiny and they look more gold or silver in real life There are also many multicolored glitters that look like confetti.
The stars are so shiny that they might look like they are lifting off your nail, but I think it's just reflective curling. That post explains it better than I could- it's amazing the things you learn when you're blogging!

You do need to use a good topcoat to get these stars to stay on, though. I used HK Girl.

There are moons in the polish, too, but I couldn't get them out. I had to "fish" the stars out, and also leave the bottle upside-down for awhile. This bottle is the thinnest I've used to try to get glitter out of.

I purchased the Penelope Luz polish on