Saturday, October 17, 2020

The ones that got away

 Hi! I’m so glad to be back after a long abscence. 

I had to move and although I do occasionally post on my Instagram i don’t have most of the polishes that I blogged about on here anymore. They were in my grandma’s home that I grew up in. It was hit by a tornado and because of the coronavirus I wasn’t able to go back for ANY of my stuff or hers or my late grandpa’s because on top of the RA, asthma and other stuff I already knew I had I found out I have early state heart failure (which explains the terrible coughing furs, fatigue and full body pain and coughing up blood I’ve had) and I didn’t know that a moving and cleaning company was coming until after the fact. I’ve been very upset about that especially since all our college diplomas were in there and a lot of other sentimental  things were in there. It depresses me so much and it’s taken away a lot of physical good memories of my grandfather. 

What are your polishes or favorite things that got away? My favorites of all time that I can’t find were colors by llarowe sizzlin Liz, Seahawks lime, Vapid Lacquer Petty, and any ninja polish (especially Mystic Glacier  100% Columbian  coffee, alexandrite) and any Ozotics. And my lily pad lacquer poppin purple broke but it of course wasn’t Almost Famous. 

I will be making a list and posting it soon in case anyone reading this is destashing or having blog sales. 

And if anybody didn’t know this about me my other “thing” was collecting stuffed animals. Watch this space for a list or Pinterest board.

Anyway I’m glad I finally figured out how to get back on here and write something. Thank you for reading!

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