Monday, April 29, 2013

Dipping my nail in the polish. . .

I've been going back and forth on whether or not to try having a nail polish blog.. because I'm not perfect and neither are my nails.

But nail polish is fun to me!

I played piano as a kid, and so my piano teacher was always after me to cut my nails. I'm also discovering that maybe I was born to be a nail polish addict. I used to get made fun and called weird for wearing blue nail polish when I was a kid, but now, who doesn't?

I also recently discovered that Sally Hansen nail prisms were making a comeback, and people particularly liked this color Amber Ruby. I was about to look for some on Ebay when I remembered this old brown bag I have with lots of old makeup on it- and I already had both that color and Garnet Lapis! I bought 2 of the best colors when I was in high school!

The name Obscenely Blue came to me because I love the color Cosmic Forces by Girly Bits. At first I didn't see what the big deal about it was, but I put it over Trust your Momager by OPI and it really brought out the blue and made it see to glow from within. It made me wish I could find any kind of nail polish that would look that kind of blue in any light- and today as I was doing my nails, and I painted my middle fingernail with a blue color from Pixie Polish it came to me-

"I wish that I could find an Obscenely Blue nail polish."

Anyway enough about that.

Soon I will post some swatches... ranging from halfway decent to horrifying.

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