Friday, May 16, 2014

Enchanted Polishes & glitters, oh my!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long!

Life keeps happening. My grandfather was in the hospital and had to have surgery, so I was very worried about him, but fortunately he was able to come back home.

Also, my birthday was on the 9th. It was uneventful but hey, I'm 29 now.

Anyway, I have some manis to share from before I broke my nails and had to go to nubs! The worst break was my pointer finger.. and it happened trying on knee braces, believe it or not.

Without further adieu, here are some swatches!

Pointer & pinky- Enchanted Polish February 2013
Middle and ring finger- Too Fancy Lacquer- the Crown Jewel
I also did an experiment with this mani- since I have both Lumina Lacqurs Mucking Rainbows and Prismatic, I layered them over the Too Fancy color to see the difference.
Prismatic has a lot of beautiful flakies in addition to mulicolored, large circle glitters.
Mucking Rainbows is one of the polishes I am happiest to own, and I love how one of the green dots almost looks matte on my nail.

This is another mani I did with February 2014.
My middle finger nail is topped with Bellisima by Emily de Molly. Bellissima is a gorgeous, dainty glitter topper.
My ring finger has Diamond in the Rough by Lilypad Lacquer.
The beauty on my pointer,middle, and pinky fingers is Enchanted Polish- April 2014.
My middle finger is topped with Emily de Molly, LE 02.It is a lovely lavender/light purple,with hearts in it!
The ring is Colors by Llarowe- My Big Girls Panties. I wish I had holo underwear like that!

I still have some catching up to do, so you will get to see a few more pictures that I took before having to cut my nails! I miss them and it will take what feels like forever for them to grow back!

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