Friday, July 18, 2014

Ruby White Tips- Man Eater with Zoya Posh

This post is a bit overdue.

I was so excited that Hall & Oates were inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! I did a mani with Ruby White Tips Maneater and Zoya Posh.

Maneater looks like a jelly polish, but it has a lot more depth and opacity. It is a truly beautiful polish. It seems to have a bluish/purple undertone. It's hard for me to find shades of red that look good on my skin tone, but this one truly does. I love the different multcolored glittery flecks in this polish as well.

I think I should have used another coat because on my ring finger, I ended up with a bald spot.

I paired it with Zoya Posh because it's also dark red, but Posh has a more pink undertone. Since it's matte, it was a little harder to work with.

I used the Pretty & Polished Matte is Back topcoat to try to smooth it out a little bit.

I had to get a bottle shot because I love how Laura (the Ruby White Tips creator) decorates these lids!

You can find her polish at

Of course, I have to close this post with Maneater. I love this song. Sometimes I sing it at karaoke.

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