Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier and 100% Columbian

I am absolutely obsessed with duochromes and multichromes! When Ninja Polish released new colors to the Enigma collection, I was thrilled- especially because I missed my chance to try Alexandrite (which has my favorite colors, blue and green in it.)

Mystic Glacier is stunning and magical. It looks like the amazing underwater shots I have seen other bloggers post-- but in normal lighting.

Somehow, just in normal inside lighting, it looked different on all my fingers!!!

L to R- Mystic Glacier- pointer finger is layered over Picture Polish Warning and Layla Ceramic Effects #64. Middle and Pinky are over Revlon Royal. I think my pinky is reflecting the colors in 100% Columbian (which also has a holo made by Pixie Polish on top)

This is one coat with no top coat!

This polish is so amazing, I am totally speechless. If you could imagine this song being about this nail polish, it would tell you how I feel about it.

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