Sunday, May 12, 2013

Purple experiment

My purple experiment has good timing, since it is coinciding with  Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and Autoimmune Arthritis Awareness day. May is also World Lupus Awareness Month. If anyone is interested in attending, there is a Facebook event here.

I had a good friend named Gwen who had lupus. I also am personally affected by fibromyalgia and arthritis (non auto-immune), and my grandfather has rheumatoid arthritis. I know a lot of other people who are also affected by these painful, life-changing conditions as well.

I used Dangerous Driver by Darling Diva which is always described as a purple/pink duochrome in swatches and usually looks that way. I also pulled out an old Glitter Gal holo called Dark Purple (it might be named Crushed Ego now?)

Please excuse the cleanup! Camera closeups always catch a few specks the naked eye can't, especially with holos!

I used Layla Ceramic Effect #10 as a base for these. and Layla softouch effect in  #12 (black) with Jade Magia Negra on the ring finger. My pointer finger is the only one that has Dangerous Driver on in these swatches, and it looks more similar to the Glitter Gal than I expected.

I did discover that over black, Dangerous Driver has a surprising effect- almost a brown tone. I will have to post another swatch later.

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