Friday, June 14, 2013

Enchanted & Rainbow Honey

Here is another catch-up post for you!

I finally got a couple of polishes from the Enchanted Time to Pretend collection! I am wearing Kids in this one and I am very impressed by it!'

I also got a beautiful Rainbow Honey color called Sakura Matsuri. This is the first Rainbow Honey color I have ever had. The flowers really sucked me in.

I did a green gradient on my ring finger before layering the Rainbow Honey over it, but it was a hot mess. I used a dark green base color, then Darling Diva What You Do For Money Honey (I tried that by itself first, but it is very sheer) and on the tip of my nail I used NFU  056- a very bright green, pretty glitter.

The flowers came out too fast when I was working on my ring finger! They remind me of a beaded curtain pattern like on the cover of one of Britney Spears' old albums. (ew I'm showing my age now.) But can anyone see the resemblance?

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