Thursday, November 7, 2013

33 Day Challenge: Follow someone's Tutorial

I have always loved butterflies!

I have a stamping plate with butterflies, but I wasn't able to make it look good yet so when I found this tutorial by Polish Pals, I was really excited!

She also had a rainbow butterfly tutorial that linked to the more detailed one I used.. instead of gradients I decided to use some of my duo/multichrome polishes.

I am behind in posting this since at first I used the only striping polish I have on my pointer finger. It was a silver glitter one but I didn't like how it looked.

So without further adieu, from pointer to poinky:
Base colors are:
Sizzlin Liz by colors by Llarowe (one of my new favorites! I thought it would be purple but it is a very nice dark blue that shifts to green and has copper sparkles.) Mutagen by I love Nail Polish, Birefergence by I Love Nail Polish, and Yesterday by Encanted Polish

On all my nails except the pointer finger, I used a brush to paint on the black polish, and then I used a dotting tool and Eileen by Julep for the white dots.

On my pointer finger, I used Seascape by Lilypad Lacquer. Then I used Polka Dots by Liquid Sky Lacquer to make some more lines and I fished out some of the bigger holo dots and used my dotting tool to place them on my nail, and "sealed" everything on with HK Girl topcoat.

With flash:
Without flash, at night:
I love how many colors these polishes turn!!!

Here are the other lovely and talented ladies who did this challenge. I might be a day late on the next challenge but if so, it's because this is one of my absolute favorite manis and I want people to see it in real life!

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