Monday, November 11, 2013

33 Day Challenge: Europe

This challenge is based on the EU. I like the way Venetian Glass looks.. I looked around and I was able to narrow down my design to this as inspiration:

I love the rainbow colors and the fact that the swirls are sort of in a DNA shape.

My strokes turned out more angular than curved, though:
The designs on my ring and middle finger are also different because I had inititally left my ring finger plain.
It is a gray scattered holo.

From pointer to pinky: Base colors are seascape by Lilypad Lacquer, As Good as Gold by Lilypad Lacquer, and Dance Legend #46, and Seascape again. On the pointer finger I also used Leather & Lace by Colors by Llarowe toadd more holo.

I used a few different polishes on the design on my middle and ring fingers (mainly Jades since the thin brushes are good for a design like this)- if you have questions about any of them, just let me know)

Here are the other lovely ladies who did this challenge:

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