Sunday, November 24, 2013

33 DC: 3 Patterns

Our challenge was to do a manicure with 3 patterns.

I saw several other people do manis with anti-bullying patterns. I really admire them for that and if I had known this was going on, I would have contributed to this as well! What an excellent idea!

Below is what I tried to do.

On my pinky I used Orly purple velvet and an L.A. Color striping brush in purple. At first the colors looked nearly identical but you can tell the difference in photos with flash.

I definitely should have used tape for the stripes.. the first one looks ok, but not the second one.

On my ring finger, I used Ozotic 505 for a base color and Jindie Nails Midnight Rainbow on thetip (with a lime green L.A. colors stripe I used Starfire by Sparkle Nail Lacquer for the stars- that counts as a pattern, right? I used several of my favorite colors on my middle nail to do a pinwheel and here is the tutorial I by the Manicurator. On my pointer finger, I used Illamasqua Scorn with stripes of Jade Magia Negra (a black holo- although it looks almost charcoal gray since the Illamasqua black is so dark) I topped it off with a purple bow from the Born Pretty Store to tie it all together.

The bow serves another purpose as well. I had to do some repairs on that nail since I cracked it right through the middle.. and the repair job isn't looking that great, but so far it's holding up. Let's hope it stays that way until it can grow back out because for now my nails at least look a little bit more even!

Here are the other lovely and talented ladies who did this challenge.

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