Saturday, December 7, 2013

33 Day Challenge: Shapes

For this challenge, I decided to do stars. I used this tutorial from Pack a Punch Polish to learn how to do the stars.. but the one on my pointer finger was kind of a fail. It looked a little better before I put the black outline on it.. but I think the outline definitely made the ones on my pinky look better.

I used Layla CE 01, Colors by Llarowe Black Gold, Texas Tea and  Lilypad Lacquer As Good as Gold for my base colors. I have a KISS Nail Dress sticker on my ring finger.

For the stars, I used L.A. Colors striping brushes and Stars on Fire by Sparkle Nail Lacquer. I also lightly used some dots of the 90's by Carpe Noctem Cosmetics.

I did a closeup of my pinky because at least you can tell these are stars.. hopefully :P

From this angle the star on my pointer finger looks more like a heart.. lol

Here are the other lovely ladies that did this challenge!

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