Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas nails with Elevation Polish & Lumina Lacquer!

Hello! I haven't posted for awhile.. I have bronchitis and still have about another week of antibiotics left (if it fully goes away.) My doctor prescribed me a refill in case it doesn't, but let's hope it does, because this medicine makes me feel awful.

But anyway, here is the manicure I did for Christmas. I used Lumina Lacquers and Elevation Polish.

The base colors I used were: Wrapped in Red (and it's hard to find a red that is flattering to my skin tone but this one is!), Elevation Jengish Chokusu (light green) and Alpine Heights (Carlit) (darker teal).

On my pointer and pinky, I used Lumina Lacquers Hooked on Christmas. On my middle and ring fingers, I did striping with Pitaraq (a silver glitter) and you can see the alternating green colors I also used Yeti Loves the Holidays and Hooked on Chrismas on my ring finger. Unfortunately the candy cane lifted a little bit on my pinky even though I used Glitter Food to try to hold it down. If anyone has any tips on how to get these to stay down longer, let me know. I was so glad that Tatiana sent the extra candy canes, and I thought it was cool that she made a polish with both red and green candy canes!

(Side note about me- for some reason I don't like peppermint that much- so I always eat different flavored candy canes. This year the new ones I tried were the warheads super sour ones and they were rainbow colored!)

I also wanted to add a link to show fellow bloggers' holiday nail art! It is really awesome to see how creative everybody has been.


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear your were sick for the holidays :( Those meds are so rough on me, I feel for you. I hope you got to sit in bed and relax and do more pretty manis like this one!

    Feel better soon!

  2. Love the stripes! I never have any luck with larger glitters or 3D nail art looks staying in place.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Very pretty mani, it's a shame you are sick... I hope you feel better soon! Happy 2014!

  4. wow, a lot of inspiration on your blog :) Happy New Year :)