Monday, July 29, 2013

Magical Mystery Tour with Hyperion, Freeze Machine & Future Reflections

I'm a little sad, so my nails are blue. Yesterday there was a surprise sale of a color called *69 on Enchanted's page and it is SO ME. Of course I wasn't able to get one before it sold out. It isn't the prettiest color ever, but it has stars and blue glitter! and I think it would look really cute on the other new color, July 2013- even though the glitter might blend in- which is something that sometimes I do.

Seriously, wouldn't those be cute together?

Anyway, speaking of glitter blending in-  ( and this is actually on my right hand, which I don't show much since my ring finger likes to shake and I have to do hand gymnastics to actually make it look right in a picture. But my poor little nubs are more even on this hand.)

I have on Revlon Royal as undies (except on my ring finger) with Enchanted Magical Mystery Tour. My middle finger has Freeze Machine on it- (the bottle I'm holding)- omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE Freeze Machine, and it took me at least 5 tries at restocks to get it.

However, my bathroom light ate the glitter! My camera with flash just couldn't handle the awesomeness.

Also did you see my ring finger? There's another glitter, from a new to me indie maker- Carpe Noctem Cosmetics! I fell in love after seeing a review of Man in White, this beautiful purple color. Also, I asked Emily (the owner) for a couple of custom polishes because I could tell by looking at her shop that she has a really great eye for color. She is sooooo nice.

I am wearing Hyperion over Future Reflections by Enchanted.

This is without flash (also, if you're not familiar with duochromes or this particular color, do you see how the green now looks purple? I love that!)

I even did the "Close-up" feature on my phone camera.. This glitter must be seen in all its glory. IT MUST.
I actually think this glitter is so cool that this polish has been in my purse almost every day since I got it- you know,  in case I had a glittermergency and needed to touch up my nails or something? 

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