Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Enchanted Castle on a Cloud

This is an OOPS! post.

Have you ever had a hard time telling 2 colors apart, even when you see swatches? That is what happened to me with Enchanted Ice Castle and Castle on a Cloud. For some reason,on my laptop monitor, they both looked like they had some blue/purple in them. I knew Castle on a Cloud had some pink in it but I didn't think it would look really pale on me.

I swatched it- in a gradient over Kids, and on my thumb over black, but it doesn't seem to look the same on me as it does on other people.

So this actually resulted in my first swap! In a few days I should have my first Aly's Dream Polish- a nice seafoam green color, which is a much more "me" color.

(this just picked up all the tons of holo because my bathroom light is very glarey- still a cool picture)
I think this one is much more color accurate: (the lines are from me putting the Castle on a Cloud between Kids and some glitter, but it just blends right in)

So what do you think? Do any of you have Castle on a Cloud? Does it look like this on you? Does it look similar to other swatches you've seen, or is my monitor just really messed up?

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