Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cirque XX- The best glitter of all time!!!

I recently got a polish that was so amazing that I think I might never buy a rainbow glitter polish again.

It looks so awesome that I feel like nothing can compete with it. As soon as the brush touched the tip of (not) my nail. , I was like:

If you're wondering why I said (not) my nail, on my right hand, my thumb, index and middle fingernails  keep breaking, They keep cracking and peeling and they got so short that  it was actually painful, so I broke down and put on some fake ones so I didn't look like my hands belonged to 2 different people

I drove myself crazy trying to get pictures that showed how sparkly and beautiful that this color is. No pictures do it justice. but just look at it.

I put this over Revlon Royal, and the base of the nail has some Enchanted Djinn in a bottle but the awesomeness of the holo is being overshadowed.
If you are curious about my pinky, that color is A England Rose Bower, also with Djinn on it.

This was part of my 4th of July mani, so my pinky has some chipping and tip wear. Sorry! The picture from this angle is 2 days old.. but as I said I really could NOT find a way to show how awesome this color is unless you see it in person.

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