Friday, July 26, 2013

Star Candy with Indigo Flow and a Theory of Everything

This is one of the last pictures I took before I had to cut my nails!

Mei Mei's Signatures is sharing a lot of pictures of her exclusive color from Glam Polish,Star Candy. (isn't that the cutest name?)

So I finally got the nerve to share this picture with her. I just didn't take note of all the other colors I used because my nails were on their last legs and this is really the only picture I got where they looked halfway decent.

For me, it took 2 coats to actually get some stars on my nails, and a little dabbing. I actually had to reapply the stars because some fell off, but I was silly and didn't do any topcoat after I dabbed them onto my middle finger the first time. So I definitely got more Candy than Stars, and my nails kinda looked like a neon disco ball at first. But they were still cute.

I did do a holo gradient on my middle finger and I remember tht the top color is Layla Emerald Divine. The color on my ring finger is Emily de Molly Blueprint, which has been a lemming of mine FOREVER. When I finally got that color I actually said out loud "MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!" I was so happy. (The glitter on top is Coco Allure a Theory of Everything.) It really is a Theory of Everything, so I used it sparingly, and I'm not known to do that!

I think the color on my thumb, index finger, and pinky is Emily de Molly Indigo Flow. I absolutely LOVE Emily de Molly holos so when I saw that Mei Mei had them in stock, I was so happy.

I'm really mad at myself for not getting Chasing Rainbows now, especially since I saw someone on Facebook post a picture of it in a necklace and it was in stock on another site just 3 days ago!