Monday, July 1, 2013

Bellskandi Plumberry & a ring!

Well I finally have another mouse, although it isn't pretty and purple like my other one.

I always tend to get overexcited about trends and want to BUY ALL THE COLORS (well, all the shades of blue, green, and purple.)

I love thermal polish and I wasn't able to get the Dance Legend thermo glitter that went from white to black and had silver glitter- but I did come across a review of Bellskandi Plumberry, which was described as going from blue to purple- and she also makes matching jewelry!

Well, I was just experimenting with different polishes and I was really excited that the ring really does change color. So does the polish. It is sheer though, so if you have any cracks or imperfections in your nails they will show. I had a big crack in my Infamous Wonky Nail that shows in my 2nd picture- but you can also see how the thermal polish created a gradient effect.

Ok- pinky-thumb
I had various purples and some stars from the Born Pretty store (part of a contest entry you will see later)- ring is Enchanted Kids, middle finger is Picture Polish Violet Femme with the Bellskandi Plumberry on top and some Ninja Polish nebula on the tip and my index finger has Plumberry over January Morning by Girly Bits.

Blue tint when cold
Purple Tint when warm
(my thumb also has some leftover glitter I tried on)- I think it's Darling Diva Blue on Black. I just dabbed a little on, because my boyfriend said that it looked like cookies and cream in the bottle and I was trying to show him that the glitter was actually blue! 

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