Sunday, July 14, 2013

a Holo-Gasm with an Ice Castle and Lucky Stars

This was sort of a nail experiment. I finally got Enchanted Ice Castle (remember my Castle on a Cloud mishap?) Ice Castle IS actually blue and purple, like I wanted. (This is over black)

I also got Darling Diva lucky star- because I love anything with stars and this is also supposed to glow in the dark, and in blacklight. However, I didn't realize that Darling Diva is not as sheer as I thought it was- so what I did on my middle finger over a blue and purple  is definitely a don't- but I was going to a bar that had a blacklight that night and I left this as is.

On my ring finger I used some Jade and Ozotic beam polishes over blak to make a rainbow- but do you know what made everything so wonderful and shiny?

Nail Nation 3000 Silver hologasm. Maria means it when she says hologasm. Look at this. This picture is not edited (except for my watermark)- I was just outside and the sun ACTUALLY MADE MY NAIL SPARKLE LIKE THAT.

I will have to take a picture of it in normal indoor lighting sometime, because the silver sparkles make it look like you literally have jewelry shining on your nails.

I also used Sephora UV topcoat- because even after I tried activating my polish with my blacklight, it did not glow in the dark. I don't know if I got a bad bottle or what. Can anyone please tell me? I have seen other people with swatches of this polish glowing in the dark.

 I still love the stars, but check out how awesome this holo looks in the blacklight! It looks like foil flames!

This one was done with the "Night" setting in photobucket. It shows more of the colors where the Darling Diva stars are. But it also shows a bunch of lines/staticky crap from my phone, which I apologize for.


  1. to answer your concern about glow in the dark not responding to black light- Glow in the dark pigment is a mineral that literally absorbs the energy from light waves & emits it's "charge" constantly, and only the lack of light will show the glow more- a black light is a light source that only competes w/the glow. Black lights will make normal things glow, but won't enhance what the mineral is emitting. Hope that helps a little! (I make polish & am about to list my glow in the dark, please like !

    1. Thanks! I heard of people "charging" their nail polish under a blacklight so I put my nails under my lamp and the stars looked a little brighter. the polish is supposed to glow in both blacklight & UV.

      I will check out your page :)