Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cirque Erda, Lonesome George, Cypress, & Planet Caravan- please help!

Because my bottle of Fascination Street seems to be a dud, I tried on some of the other Cirque polishes I got around that time to see if they look how they are supposed to.

Indoor lighting with flash
From thumb to pinky- Erda over black, Lonesome George, Cypress, Planet Caravan, and Erda on its own

Erda is supposed to be a duochrome green/purple/blue. Layering it over another color is supposed to bring out the duochrome more in some polishes, but I'm not sure it made much difference in this case. I guess on my thumb, you can see some slight purple tint as opposed to my pinky.

I like Lonesome George, although it is very similar in color to Erda. It's holo and I am obsessed with holos.

I am not usually one to wear bronze/copper colors, but Cypress was surprisingly my favorite color from this mani! The holo shows up very well. 

I also think Planet Caravan is very pretty. In the right light it also has a copper shimmer, so it compliments Cypress.

So if you have any of these polishes, can you please let me know if these look how they are supposed to? Thank you!

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