Monday, August 12, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer True Blood + Let's take Planet Caravan to the Funhouse!

I'm sure that most of you have heard about Lilypad Lacquer by now.

True Blood is one of their most popular colors- in fact, I had to get this one in a group order because I forgot about the launch on Llarowe! I was just a few minutes late (which may as well be a century in the nail polish world LOL) but True Blood, Fairy Footprints, and probably a few others had sold out right away!

I usually don't wear colors like this. But as soon as I put True Blood on, I fell in love. This is one color that I can truly understand people paying crazy amounts of money for if it is ever discontinued!

 I am wearing:
True Blood (thumb, ring finger and pinky)
My middle finger has Respect by Mentality (Isn't that funny?) Respect is a matte purple, but it still picked up some shine from my bathroom light.
My ring finger still has Planet Caravan by Cirque.
Look at the beautiful blue and purple in the holo! It makes this a truly amazing color.

This is in my living room light- Respect looks more matte now.
You can also see how True Blood has some duochrome-like appearance in different light- in fact, I think this picture demonstrates why some people say this could be a dupe for Enchanted Polish Mr. Burgundy.

This lighting picked up some beautiful red sparkles in the holo as well!

The next day, I put Funhouse by Dandy Nails on my middle finger.
Funhouse is definitely the right name!
It has beautiful fuschia, pink, and green glitter that looks like shards of glass from a mirror.
This one is a little blurry- it shows how the glitter twinkles in real life. It also picks up the green that the other picture didn't.

Lilypad Lacquer can be found on her etsy page and
Menality Polish can be found here.
Dandy Nails can be found on etsy and

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