Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crows Toes Chess. . .You Dog! & Storms Never Last

I've been trying to make this post FOREVER... but I can't get fotoflexr to work in Chrome. My flash keeps saying "Movie not loaded" and I've tried everything.. uninstalling, deleting the files, etc... so if anyone has suggestions, let me know. I broke down and used Firefox for this post, but I'm a creature of habit.

I got 2 of the new Crows Toes polishes during the Llarowe restock.. (yes...  like everyone else, I wanted Minion and One Trick Pony, but they were sold out.)

But I love blue (and green. and purple.)! So of course I got Chess!.... You Dog! & Storms Never Last (which is a multichrome including blue, green, and purple!

I am wearing- Emily de Molly Blueprint on my thumb, index finger, & pinky, and Storms Never Last with Glam polish Star Candy over it on my ring finger.

I did Star Candy again since some people have said it's close to Enchanted Polish *69 and I hadn't noticed! Also, I managed to place the stars and glitter in a pretty cool way this time.

I have Chess!..... You Dog! on over a blue gradient.



My left thumb, with Storms Never Last by itself (sorry, my thumb is still a little swollen/gross looking :( )

Look what happens when you put Djinn in a Bottle over Storms Never Last! There's a Double Rainbow on my nail!!!

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