Monday, August 26, 2013

This is absolutely Indigo Bananas

I never thought I'd say this, but now I like bananas.

Indigo Bananas, that is!

I was immediately taken in by Maui Wowee, which is a Special Edition color. It is both a duochrome and a holo, and somehow it manages to look like both a foil and a smooth polish, depending on the angle.

I have never tried this brand before, and I got a few mini bottles so you are going to see a few changing accent nails.

In the first we have Maui Wowee, with Halcyon as an accent nail.
I like Halcyon- it's a very nice, dark purple color- but since its finish can't compete with Maui Wowee I had to layer another color over it.

This picture is taken inside with flash. I think it shows the linear holo very well.

Outside- now with Electric Unicorn

Inside: with Electric Unicorn (looking totally smooth)

Now.. I guess I said I'd also show when I had some not-so-good swatches. so this will end up being re-done in the future. I used Wednesday as an accent nail on my left hand.. this is one of the mini bottles I got since I wasn't sure if I would like the color..
(I was born left-handed... my grandmother switched me to being right-handed since when she grew up, she was told that left handed people were "Sinister." But I guess some things just come naturally and you know how they say it always turns out better when you paint your nails on one hand than the other? Well. . .

At least the sun hit my hand really nicely in this picture, though? Look at my pinky glow!

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