Saturday, August 10, 2013

(Not so) Fascination street

I am sure that if you have been reading my blog, you may have slightly noticed that I love blue and purple.

Well, even though I was really excited to get Cirque Fascination Street, I hadn't gotten around to wearing it yet. But I saw someone post a beautiful swatch of it and I decided to put it on.

Everyone loves this color. I even saw The Swatchaholic name it color of the month!

Also, I was introduced to the song "Fascination Street" when I saw a good friend of mine singing it at karaoke. He is also a very talented dancer- so all things considered, this polish was a must have for me!

Well. . . I wasn't sure if it was my skin tone or what, but it looked grayish-purple on me. I thought maybe it's because the holo is so strong, but I haven't seen any other swatches where it looks like this.

Also, even though these pictures are after only having had it on for one day, I have tip wear. Is that normal?
Indoors without flash (notice how my camera picked up a big silver/gray chunk? It almost looks like water marbling.. very odd!)

Indoors without flash (if you are wondering- the other colors are Lilypad  Lacquer Lilac Lovely [ring finger] and Dance Legend Moondust with Revlon FX over it [middle finger])

Dance Legend is a textured polish, but the Revlon polish has a shiny base underneath all the glitter, so it smoothed everything out.

I had fun applying the Revlon polish- if you look really closely can you see how there is a sort of diamond shape on my nail? I tortured my boyfriend singing "Diamonds in the sky" after I put it on.

Indoors with flash
See how much more purple the Lilypad one is?

If anyone else has this color, can you please let me know if this is normal or not? I emailed Harlow & Co but so far I haven't heard anything... but I got them there instead of directly from Cirque because there was a sale at the time, and also on Cirque's site you have to spend $75 to get free shipping. Otherwise you have to pay more shipping for each bottle- but now that I have seen their fancy packaging on other blogs, I understand why.If anything, Cirque is an excellent brand at presentation!

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