Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seche Rebuild is dangerous

So... my posts got a  little few and far between. If anybody is wondering why, it's because I sprained my thumb.

It has been hurting since about last Thursday, and I've been putting ice on it. I already have a prescription for Mobic (an anti-inflammatory/NSAID) so I thought that would have fixed it by now, but nope.

Guess how I hurt it?

I was trying to open a bottle of Seche Rebuild where the lid got stuck on!! Can you believe that? I went to the walk-in clinic yesterday for something else and they looked at my thumb too, since it looks a little weird (not sure how well you can tell by the picture, but I think it shows where I hurt it in the middle bottom part and in the upper knuckle) and they confirmed that it's a sprain.

The nurse said my left thumb feels about the same as my right. That isn't good, because I sprained that one at my old job and had to go on workman's comp/modified duty for over a month. I was working with cell phones and we had these plastic tools to open older phone cases.. and sometimes people sent in phones that were literally stuck together with dirt and unknown substances.

Well, one fine day I was trying to open an old motorola v3 and my thumb hyperextended. I thought all I would need was a splint but I ended up having to use this and do filing:

The funny thing is the nurse asked me if I got the bottle open. I didn't.


  1. Okay. I'm sorry you got hurt, but jeebus that was comical.

    1. Thank you :D

      I get hurt in such ridiculous ways that my IRL friends want to put me in bubble wrap!