Saturday, August 3, 2013

Black holo comparison

I know, I know, we've seen these before. But I did one of my own once I realized that I had enough black holo polishes to do this with!

I wanted to ask which one was the closest to Emily de Molly Chasing Rainbows. (so I could use it as a consolation prize to myself.)

From thumb to pinky, I have- Glitter Gal Brain Freeze, Layla Flash Black, Jade Magia Negra (my favorite) Colors by Llarowe Black Gold, Texas Tea, and Color Club Beyond.

Bear with me- I'm describing 5 different polishes here!

In indoor lighting, the Glitter Gal and CbL appear to be the only true black- then the Jade and Color Club seem kind of charcoal, while the Layla looks more gray/silver. The Layla is the only one with every color of the rainbow, however- if you look really closely, you can see the purple part of the rainbow!

I love Layla Holographics- they are the first ones that really started my passion for nail polish as an adult- but as you can see (even though I used an aqua basecoat) there is a bald spot on my nail. Layla dries kind of patchy, unfortunately. Unless you were lucky enough to catch a sale, I think Layla and Glitter Gal were probably the most expensive when Laylas were first released, because Layla is an Italian brand and was extremely popular (blame for getting me hooked on them.)

The Jade one is my favorite because it makes my nail so rainbowy, and that is just in indoor lighting. They are from Brazil, but they are half as expensive as Laylas (when they were first released) and they have a huge color range. They even have gold holos, which I have rarel seen.

Colors by Llarowe is my 2nd favorite- and I am so glad that she re-relased Black Gold, Texas Tea- which is a limited edition polish she made to donate some of the proceeds to help tornado victims.
Look at how crazy the sun makes the polish look! (Except for the color club, but my pinky was at a weird angle, boo.)
Sunlight hitting your nails is what gives holo its magic- and these holos all seemed to play nicely with my topcoat, (I believe I used FNUG Igel topcoat this time- and look how shiny and glassy it made my nails look.)
Black Gold, Texas Tea reminds me of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album cover because it's so black- and inside, the holo really did just make a perfect triangle prism like this:

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