Thursday, September 26, 2013

33 DC Day 2: Most Used Color

The challenge was to use the color that you use the most.

I didn't finish posting this on time because I had a really stressful, long night. . .but here it is. First of all, sorry that this doesn't look that great. I tried redoing this mani a few times and ended up just going with the 1st pictures I took. 2 of the polishes I use come out pretty thick,so I kept dinging my nails.. or if I tried to even it out with Seche Vite I got shrinkage (which is why the bottom of my ring finger looks so funny)

Since I started my blog, I have used Kids by Enchanted Polish the most. Also, blue, green, and purple are my favorite colors. So I decided to use Pic de Subineux by Elevation Polish on my accent nails. It is alone on my middle finger, and layered over black on my ring finger. Look how drastic the difference is!

I used Future Reflections on my pinky over black.

Unfortunately, it was overcast yesterday so I wasn't able to get pictures outside. But look how stunning the Enchanted holo is, even indoors (with flash, of course).

It just so happened that some of the colors in the shirt I wore went with my nails! This was totally unplanned!
(It was a tunic so I was grabbing it to try to show the tie-dye.. that's why the weird fold is there.) Also this picture IS one of the redo attempts.)

Here is a gratituitous rainbow picture, just because I like rainbow and holos.

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