Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer Oceanic and Customs

I had 2 custom polishes made for me by Lilypad Lacquer. At first I only wanted one- a very dark purple that shifted to a sky blue, but Nicole showed me 2 colors she'd been working on and I couldn't decide which one I liked better.

I also got to name them. The purple reminded me of a color named Merlot that she released, so I just "creatively" named it Meredith's Merlot. I named the light blue one Pastel Heaven.

These are shown with French accents- the darker blue is called Oceanic.

What do you guys think? A couple of my friends said that my dark purple custom looks blue. it is blurple, yes, but I think some of what they're seeing is the strong holo as well.
indoors, bathroom HE lighting

The next day, I couldn't resist adding some hearts on my ring finger.
This is Rapid Heartbeat by Sparkle Nail Lacquers.
I think that the purple in my custom is more evident in this lighting (in my living room)

One thing I love about Lilypads is that most of them end up having a duochromey nature. Look at my thumbnail- it's the same color as my index and pinky, but the shade of purple is totally different!
(side note) I love the frog and lilypad logo- it reminds me of this game, Pocket Frogs I used to play on my ipod all the time! They have another game called dizzypad that. well, makes you dizzy and is hard.

Anyway, if you haven't gotten a Lilypad or 10, what are you waiting for? Her shop is  right here..
Sparkle Nail Lacquer can be found   here!.


  1. I love all the combination of blue, and the little bits of sparkle in there. it really goes well together.