Monday, September 23, 2013

La Bella Vernice Review, Part 1

DISCLOSURE: I was sent some extra polish with my order, in exchange for an honest review.

The colors I used were Reagan, Princess Jasmine, and Pluto is a Planet.

I think Princess Jasmine is amazing! It's a beautiful silver glitter with holographic glitter in it. I was pleasantly surprised to still be able to get one of the Limited Edition bottles with a pink cap. This color is a part of her It's a Girl's World Collection.
Pluto is a Planet is a lavender/silver glitter topper. I think it looks like snow. On a side note, I love the name of Pluto is a Planet. I'm very into anything related to space- just a side note about me- my first tattoo was a star, so the fact that I was randomly sent this polish was very cool to me! I felt a little sad when Pluto lost its planetary status.
Last but not least is Reagan. As you can see, there is also some scattered holographic glitter in this color- and it's also a duo or maybe even a multichrome. I took several pictures so I could get this polish from a lot of angles. I think that the colors you get to show up could vary depending on the base color you use.
Reagan is such a strong color-shifting polish that it was brush-strokey, but if you put 2 coats on, it looks fine. Also, I have been using a strengthening basecoat because I broke my nails about a month ago. It might be easier to apply this polish without a basecoat.

From pointer to pinky I have:
Reagan, Princess Jasmine, Pluto is a Planet, and Reagan.
They are all layered over Grape by Colors by Llarowe.

In this picture, I am holding Reagan.
In lower light, or at certain angles, Reagan shows shades of pink and green.

Close-up of Pluto is a Planet:
I think this almost looks like the beginning of a galaxy nail!

These colors and many more can be found at Mini bottles are available for $4.50, and full size ones are $10. There is also a sale going on where if you buy 3 mini bottes, you can get one free!

Also, check out her Facebook Page! If you spend over $40 you can use her code "happy27" for her birthday. The code is valid until September 30th.


  1. Glad to hear these are good. I just found their line which is how I found your blog!