Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fang, Seven Nation Army, and Nebula

A little while ago, I got some of my first polishes from a new to me brand called Glittering Elements.

I had a hard time deciding which to use first- but Fang ended up being the standout color for me.

From thumb to pinky-
Thumb, index finger, ad pinky all have Glittering Elements Fang. My index finger also has a coat of Essie Matte About You on top. I was really cirous to see how it would look with a matte top coat, but my flash was so bright that I think all it did was help to show the pretty lighter blue hex in the polish that this picture is hiding.

The hexes flash and they look like they are floating around in the blue jelly when you move your hand around. It's very cool!

On my middle finger I have Enchanted Polish Seven Nation Army layered over Ozotic 903 sugar (a baby blue base with a pink/purple duochrome shimmer) On my ring finger I have Ozotic 506, and on the bottom one of my favorite polishes- Ninja Polish Nebula.

Seven Nation Army will be bittersweet for me.. It is the last Enchanted Polish I ever got off Llarowe's site (I was unsucessful at any of the phase-out restocks on her site or Nail Polish Canada.) Seven Nation Army is also VERY hard to photograph.. it's not just black and white, but it has really pretty holographic glitter in it as well. There are 2 coats on over the Ozotic in these pictures.

Indoor lighting with flash
This picture shows Seven Nation Army a little bit better.      

Without flash (and with my cute new blanket!)

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