Wednesday, October 16, 2013

33 Day Challenge Day 10: Flowers

For this challenge, we had to do flowers.

I got a set of flowers that are supposed to look like dried flowers that you can use on your nails. They are pretty big, so I only used one- and of course I picked the blue one.  The flower was kind of 3D in the middle, so I kind of had to push on it a little bit.

I broke my pinky nail, so I used Orly Nail Defense as a basecoat and I think it caused some cuticle flooding and made my nails take longer to dry. I had to keep redoing my pointer finger.

I think the flash exacerbated this- since these polishes are so shiny and holo, they reflected a lot on my skin

From pointer to pinky I used:
Avant Garde Lacquer Blue, You Wh*re, Different Dimension (Blue) Da Ba Dee, Julep Brit with Seven & Parker Mystic Mafia over it, and Blue, you Wh*re again.

These are with flash: 

This was taken in close-up mode so my camera could focus on the glitter in Blue (Da Ba Dee):
Without Flash

By the way, I can't talk about Blue (da ba dee) without mentioning the song!

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  1. Muy bonitas, qué uñas más largas!
    He creado El Gran Reto de la Navidad Nail Art, anímate!

    1. Muchas gracias :D

      Navidad Nail Art es muy creativo.. y dificil jajaja :P