Monday, October 14, 2013

33 Day Challenge Day 9: Indian Nails

I tried to post this sooner, but my phone wasn't cooperating with me when I tried to upload these pictures!

Anyway, when I was looking for a design, I found a really cool one by Robin Moses here which she calls a "silver foil mesh" design. I just used it as inspiration mainly, since I don't have a thin enough brush to do it properly.

I also ended up combining it with my good luck manicure for the Enchanted restock today. For some reason I always tend to have good luck when I have somethin green on, too, so I made sure to include some green nail polish in the look.

I did this with base colors (from ring to pinky): Octopus's Garden (over black), Lilypad Lacquer Clover All Over, and Nail Nation 3000 Squeeze me Aqua Man.

Here is a bonus picture, in case anyone is curious to see how my nails look when they are just one color, top to bottom. I did end up changing the ring and pinky later to black for more contrast on the tips

I used a brush to do a silver dividing line, and then on the tips I used: (from ring to pinky:) EP Purple Roses (and I would like to thank a very special friend of mine for going out of her way to help me get this polish), EP Ciao Milano, and Nail Nation 3000 H2-OHHHH. In fact, H2-OHHHH is one of the first colors that came to mind for me because  it's so magical! It has tbe beautiful blue sparkles in the silver shimmer and then you can still see the holo sparkles.

Without flash to show duochrome (ew.. looks like I have old lady hands, and I'm in my 20's!)

This is with flash.

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  1. wow you did great job , loved the color of this polish ..
    i absolutely love this brand of indie nailnation 3000.....
    few days ago i reviewed about 5 of them on my blog here,I hope you would enjoy this
    i love all of them but my next on the list is surely going to be " Squeeze me Aqua Man"..
    lovely review , getting added to your blog , hope to see you on my blog too :)

    1. Thank you for the comment :)
      I will check yours out too! i love nailnation 3000 and I have for a long time! :) I have reviewed a few of her other polishes too!
      I am going to read your review now.