Wednesday, October 30, 2013

33 Day Challenge: The Animal that turned Abstract

This post ends up combining days 14 and 15. This is because so far, I am not very good at stamping. I can pretty much only successfully do zebra print. But when I did it, it only got on the center of my nail and looked almost the same as my tape mani. I kept trying. I even tried to do cheetah print, but it didn't work. So I gave up.
I used a Kiss zebra print nail sticker on my middle finger. I had been wanting to use Julep Cleopatra as a base for stamping but since it's probably a limited edition color, I didn't want to keep wasting polish.

But I had to go to the doctor and my nails were such an epic mess that I'm not even going to post what happened.
So I followed a tutorial and I ended up with my nails accidentally looking like Van Gogh's Starry Night.

The duochrome I used  on my pointer and pinky is a custom made by Emily from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. I was thinking about Prince's movie Purple Rain. I will reveal the name of the polish later LOL.

On my middle finger is Carribean Crush by Lilypad Lacquer over black, and Azure Dreams. I used Gargantuan Green Grape Matte by OPI to make the dots and more Carribean Crush for the swirls. On my ring finger, I did the same except Azure Dreams and Carribean Crush are flipped.

I have been trying to forever get a duochrome that goes from a dark purple to sky blue, and I guess that is really hard to do. I don't really know how color shifts work because I have never tried to make polish.

I'm really impressed with how this turned out. I think this is one of the best polishes I've gotten yet from Emily and I think it is really cool how the tip of my ring finger with Azure Dreams is so close to the blue that shows up in the bottle of her polish!

When I ended up doing the swirls, they blended into my tips a little. I like how it looks on my middle finger but on the ring, not so much. . . So no, my polish didn't chip, but I wanted to show the duochrome awesomeness from another angle!

Here is one more.. unfortunately from this angle you can see ow my topcoat dragged a little bit on my ring finger. my middle finger again looks so much better!

Under the jump I will reveal the name of my custom, since it might be NSFW. I also have links to the other lovely, talented ladies' abstract manis. :)

It is called Sex Shooter!

I don't know why, but that song popped into my head. Anybody remember this?? So now I have this awesome nail polish called Sex Shooter. I even have a little * on this sticker.. I feel special!

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