Friday, October 11, 2013

33 DC Day 8: Chevrons

The Day 8 Challenge was to do Chevrons. I have never done them before, so I used this tutorial.

I wanted to try the really fancy chevrons I've seen people do, but it turned out I would need crafting scissors. . .or a lot more patience and skill than I actually have.

So I used: Pixie Potion by Glittering Elements on my pinky and index finger, on the middle finger I started with Purple People Eater by Lilypad Lacquer, Neon Blue by Nabi, and then Seven Nation Army by Enchanted Polish, and my ring finger is Luscious Larimer by Lilypad Lacquer, the chevron is Purple People Eater, and my tip has Pyxii by Esmaltes de Kelly. I know a lot of people don't like bar glitter but I think it actually looks cute over a pastel color!

Check out what the other talented ladies did for this challenge!

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