Saturday, October 5, 2013

33 Day Challenge Day 6: Texture

The challenge was to use textured nail polish.. and now I see why people hate it so much. I have barely used it before.

From thumb to pinky I used: Zoya Dahlia, a french nail with OPI Can't Let Go & Zoya Stevie (I'm puzzled about why in the picture it looks lke my nail has bald spots when I used 2 coats of Stevie?)

For the gradients I used Dahlia, Can't Let Go, OPI Tiffany Case, and Stevie. On my Pinky is Indigo Illusion by Liquid Sky Lacquer. It is not textured, and it is a thermal holo that creates a gradient on its own depending on the temperature. Since I get cold easily (as you can see by my sweatshirt sleeve which makes an appearance in my pictures today, you will see my free edge turning purple :) )

This picture is with topcoat. I also used Glitter Food by Nail Pattern Boldness to smooth it out- especially on my ring finger!
I actually really like the Zoya Dahlia and could see myself doing a full mani with it.

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