Tuesday, October 8, 2013

33 Day Challenge Day 7: Oldest Untried

I thought I would have a lot of untried polishes that had been sitting around for ages to choose from, but it turns out that I usually get really excited about my polishes and usually at least swatch them.

But I remembered that I've had Emerald by Nails Inc for awhile.

From ring finger to pinky I used: Fresh cut grass by Colors by Llarowe- on accent nails- Rainbows in Space and Golden Delicious by Lilypad Lacquer (with Emerald by Nails In in the middle.) The pinky is Margaritaville by Liquid Sky Lacquer. It is another thermal that creates a gradient effect on its own.

This picture mainly reflects the green, despite color correction!

I added Raver Girl by Liquid Sky Lacquer to my middle finger to make it look a little more fun. Also, you can see my pinky color getting darker since my hand was getting cold.

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