Tuesday, October 1, 2013

33 Day Challenge Day 4: Tribal Nail (fail)

I have never done tribal nails before. I was honestly stumped on what to do, but I found a rainbow tribal nails tutorial here. It is for short nails, so mine turned out differently.. and before I had different glitter polishes on as a base. I tried doing cleanup twice before taking any pictures- so here's a (not so) pro tip:
Don't use anything glittery really close to your nailbeds!

So I used the beautiful Greenhouse by Contrary Polish. I used Angel Kiss by Color Club as a base for my accent nails. Then I used a brush to paint several different colored lines on my nails.

I love how Greenhouse looks in this picture! It is one of those "glowy/lit from within" polishes and it has some copper and gold looking sparkles in it as well.
Here is a more close-up picture of the tribal: (without flash)
(with flash)

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